Livingston Park Apartments Completed

American Preservation Builders has completed work on a 195 unit affordable housing complex in the Shaker Square area of the City of Cleveland. The Property consists of 10 three-story buildings each containing 18 units, and 1 three-story building containing the 15 deluxe 2br/2ba units plus the management office, all located on a single 9.14 acre parcel of land.
The construction budget for the renovation was $7.2M including a 10% contingency. The rehabilitation involved the replacement of the 40 year old roofs, the antiquated heating and hot water systems, the single pane windows, the bathrooms, much needed enhancement of security measures and apartment entrances in addition to other green amenities. Additionally, the rehabilitation provided air conditioning, which did not exist previously, and addressed the lack of security by installing a camera security system and constructing appropriate quality (gauge) fencing.
Units at the property were rehabilitated by relocating residents from each building in succession, renovating the building, and then moving residents back in. This progressed across all 10 buildings. The project, originally scheduled to be completed in 12 months, was completed in 10, allowing the Owner to occupy 100% of the units ahead of schedule and realize the financial benefits of a fully occupied property sooner.