American Preservation Builders extensive list of completed projects and staff experience has given us a database of realistic rehabilitation and new construction costs proven on multiple projects, in many markets, each under many unique conditions over a long period of time. We can provide in-depth preliminary budgets that will remain viable as a project moves forward through the development process.

Capital Needs/Planning

Having a close relationship with our long-term property development/management companies has enabled American Preservation Builders to look at projects “through an owner’s eyes”. We are able to assess long term capital needs items and project accurate useful life and replacement reserve schedules. American Preservation Builders consistently tailors rehab projects to offer the greatest value in terms of energy efficiency, long term maintenance, owner and resident benefit, marketability and overall best value for capital invested.

American Preservation Builders is actively engaged in the assessment and development of well planned, accurately budgeted capital spending plans, replacement reserve schedules, Mark-to-Market analysis and other long term physical planning efforts for a variety of housing projects. Our experience and insight helps property owners and managers in making critical budgeting and long term capital spending plans that allow properties to be operated effectively over a prolonged period.


American Preservation Builders, as a business model, has established relationships with a variety of architects, engineers, interior designers and other professionals required to successfully design a project that is functional, durable, and compliant with a myriad of compliance and regulatory requirements while still satisfying the owner’s development budget and programmatic requirements. Our depth of experience has given us unique value-engineering and common sense constructability skills that ensure best value for the construction budget available. Additionally, we maintain an in-house architect as well as close relationships with all needed professionals, enabling American Preservation Builders to thoroughly understand all of a project’s code, design and functional elements.

Labor Compliance

American Preservation Builders is well versed and experienced in all prevailing wage requirements, labor compliance reporting, HUD labor requirements and local workforce practices. We work to ensure that all requirements are properly included in project specifications, budgets and contract documents.

Tax Credit/Affordable Housing

American Preservation Builders is fully experienced and works with the unique requirements of low income housing tax credits and affordable housing programs on a daily basis. Whether in energy efficiency, universal design, fair housing, accessibility, agency dictated policy or other lender, agency, federal or local requirements. American Preservation Builders understands how critical it is to ensure compliance in all areas of project design, construction and implementation.


American Preservation Builders is a proven commodity when it comes to construction period delivery. We maintain a staff of veteran rehabilitation and new construction project managers who have delivered thousands of units on time and in budget. We maintain an experienced practice of rehabilitation within occupied buildings and have an extremely strong combination of directly employed trades people as well as sub-trades who have worked consistently with American Preservation Builders to deliver quality work within an established budget. American Preservation Builders has developed a unique understanding of how to deliver “best value” to an owner through a combination of structured purchasing, effective use of project labor resources, project period logistics and strategic planning and implementation. Single or scattered site, new or rehab, vacant or occupied – American Preservation Builders is uniquely experienced and qualified to manage any type of multifamily assignment.

Single Family Homes

American Preservation Builders and its staff have many years of significant real-world experience in the construction and rehabilitation of scattered site single family homes. Key to our understanding of these types of projects is thousands of units built and rehabilitated with in-depth understanding of critical issues such as urban subterranean conditions, environmental remediation (underground, lead, asbestos, mold), utilities, site conditions, hidden conditions and project security. Learn more in this flyer…

Local Involvement

In working throughout a wide geographic region, American Preservation Builders has based our project success on actively engaging the communities in which we work. We work to establish clear communication with local city officials, building officials, neighboring residents as well as local law enforcement, city services and other relevant interests. Additionally, American Preservation Builders works to seek active participation from the local work force, purchases supplies and goods from local businesses and provides positive economic benefits to the communities where the projects are located. American Preservation Builders actively engages input from property management, residents and property personnel when planning rehab staging, job conditions and schedules. Resident meetings always precede the start of a project.

Green Rehabilitation

American Preservation Builders is a strong advocate for utilizing green building materials and techniques whenever possible and feasible. Careful analysis of the cost versus benefits is very important when considering green building and APB can offer owners insight into which types of green retrofits make the most sense for the project, the environment and for the long term upkeep and maintenance of the property. APB is aware of the most current energy saving improvements and modifications that can be incorporated into a project work scope to provide efficient, sustainable green improvements that will provide long term savings to the owner. Learn more in this flyer…

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